Nothing But The Whole Truth

Last summer, as I was walking through the People’s Co-Op in Rochester, MN, I came upon a sample of WholeMe, a terrific alternative to preservative filled and sugar laden snacks. It also happens to be ideal for people like me who are both Dairy and Soy sensitive.

Made locally here in Minnesota these delicious snacks come in three flavors: Lemon Berry Chia, Cinnamon Banana Chip, and Almond Coconut (my personal favorite!) It is perfect in the morning with my Green Valley lactose-free vanilla yogurt. The yogurt itself is something to blog about, and the combination is more than Yum! It also makes for great munching instead of chips or cookies.

When my friend Catherine Glynn came over, I pulled out the Almond Coconut clusters for her to try and she raved about them! After looking at the package she laughed and said that her one of her dear friends,  Mary Maus Kosir, who lives in Saint Paul is one of the founders and owners of WholeMe. I love that kind of serendipity! Things like that confirm for me the old saying, “Like takes pleasure in Like.”

Since last year I have sent it as gifts to friends and family members all over the country. Thus far everyone of them has loved it and they continue to order on their own.

Most recently some friends of ours from California, who visit us every summer here in  Lanesboro, sent us a fabulous gift box full of WholeMe, including their DateMe and WakeMe bars. I am very keen on the WakeMe Bar and will order those next.

If you can’t find WholeMe in your favorite grocery or health food store, you can directly order on-line and get fast delivery. I am always a fan of requesting stores to carry the products I love; it’s amazing to me how open most stores are to customer suggestions.

Trust me this healthy snack is one of the best on the market. Try it. I have feeling you’ll love it too, and that is nothing but the Whole(Me) Truth.

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