Home Is Where The HeART Is


For me, beauty is not just about the face and body; it’s about the home too.

In 2011 we purchased a condo in Sarasota, Florida that was in serious need of a total decorating make-over. Our realtor introduced us to Catherine Kerr, a multi-talented, award winning decorator who as it turns out was also a dream to work with.

Catherine has an imaginative and innovative mind, and a wonderful heart. After meeting with her and talking about her concepts, I felt completely comfortable leaving her in charge of the entire project. Without any hesitation, we headed to our summer home in Minnesota and left her on her own to work her magic for five months. When we returned, the transformation was nothing short of astounding. (The photo above was what she did with our living room.)

In addition to the gorgeous colors and fabulous art she chose, Catherine even unpacked our moving boxes, put everything away, and hung up all the clothes. And if that wasn’t enough, she also stocked our fridge with food and yummy snacks for our arrival.

Three years later we came to the conclusion that condo living just wasn’t for us. We needed a house. Well, because of how the condo showed (due to Catherine’s dynamite decor) we had two offers before it was even listed!

The next project for her was the new house, which was in a word: bland. Everywhere you looked, there were white walls –no color to it what so ever. It also had a completely different layout and design than our condo, but just as spectacular. Here are some pictures of her gallery of award-winning work (some of our rooms are in there!)

Upon completing the house, and putting the finishing touches of beautiful art on the walls and shelves, the next task we requested of her was planning our housewarming party. Yes, it’s true she does that too. As an event coordinator, Catherine is par excellence! She did it all, from start to finish. She arranged for a top notch chef, exceptional food, and professional servers. The fare was unique and delicious, and the party was a smash.

We aren’t planning any more moves for a long time, but I simply had to give my kudos to Catherine and Catherine Kerr Interiors.

She helped fill both of our homes with heART.

Maybe she can fill yours too?


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