Knowledge Gives Us Strength


I have always been fascinated with those who can connect with the those in the hereafter and see the past and future.

The people who have the ability to do this go by many names; medium, visionary, clairvoyant, and intuitive are just a few titles.

A few years ago I had the good fortune (no pun intended) to connect with Nora Hooper, who is an intuitive advisor. I listened to my hair stylist (who I am sure I will blog about soon too!) tell me about Nora. Her story completely intrigued me.

Nora has the rare ability to “see” and connect with people in your life who have passed on, and with other spiritual guides who provide you with insight and knowledge as to how to handle various situations in your life.

When you meet with Nora, a session may be about you, your children, husband, friends. You can connect with her via phone, Skype, or in person if you happen to reside in Sarasota, or one of the towns nearby.

Feeling skeptical?  So was my husband. But after his session with Nora he came to the conclusion that she really is gifted. And he still speaks of her and her ability fondly. She has also worked with an Olympic Gold medalist, nationally published authors, business executives, motivational speakers as well as artists, newlyweds, and stay-at-home moms, and retirees like me, to name a few.

Feeling scared? Have no fear. Never in all my sessions with Nora have I been scared or told negative things that will happen. Nor have I felt like I was dealing with something I shouldn’t be dabbling in.

For me it is so easy to see Nora’s intentions are pure. She seeks to benefit others, and the insights she shares are astounding.

Let me be clear; Nora isn’t a fortune teller, but rather a spiritual consultant. Her work is about change that you do for yourself–not that she does for you.

Time spent with Nora can help you focus in on what the ‘real’ issue is that is underlying your ‘dis-ease’, a session can also lead you to take new actions that enhance your confidence and encourage creativity. In other words, working with Nora inspires healthy forms transformations.

As she says on her website, “a reading….encourages authentic expression and helps open doors to living a more meaningful life.”

That has most definitely been the case for me.

Whether I go to her with an issue about myself, my family, or business, at the end of each session I always experience a greater sense of knowing, and a profound sense of ease.

The truly precious moments are when Nora connects to my father,  mother, brother,  sister-in-law, and grandparents–all of whom have died–and they send messages to me through Nora.  I have experienced a closeness to my loved ones even though they have been gone a long time.  It’s uncanny the things she shares with me.  There’s no way she could know the things that she is passing on.

Now if you are wondering, no, you can’t actually talk to people who have passed on. Nora simply acts as a conduit for their messages to you.

So when I see friends or family struggling with issues and/or wanting to connect to a loved one who has passed, I either get them a gift certificate or encourage them to speak with Nora on their own.

Those who I have connected with Nora call me immediately to express their gratitude and every one reports back on the extraordinary sense of tranquility they experience when the session concludes.

Nora possesses a remarkable gift. Her insights help me uncover my own knowledge which leads to action, and in turn gives me both inner peace and strength. She has a great gift, and when I meet someone as gifted as her….well, I think you are getting the picture: I just HAVE to pass that on!!

If you or a loved one is feeling stuck or stagnant, I encourage you to connect with Nora Hooper.  She truly is LOVE & LIGHT!  And who of can’t use more of that?


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